Speaking Directly to My Longing

Speaking Directly to My Longing
Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There is One Life and It is ubiquitous. It is Everywhere I Look. It is the rising sun this morning, the air that I breathe, and the movement of every living, sentient being everywhere. This One Life is Perfect. It is Grace, Love, Happiness, Good Health, Abundance, Respect – It is the Creator and the created. Therefore, every aspect of Life is ubiquitous and readily available to all of Its beings. There is no place where Life is not. Life is everywhere.

This morning, It is seated right here in my chair as me. It lives in, as, and through me. It sees all that I see and thinks all of my thoughts. It creates me, as I create from It. I am that life, and I, too, am grace, love, happiness, good health, abundance, respect. I am the creator of my life and I am the created. As I know this for me, I know this for everyone who reads this prayer.

On this morning, I speak directly to that part of me that is longing for fulfillment; that part of me that longs to see beauty wherever I look, that longs to know life in the deepest, most passionate way. I speak to her and say, “I affirm you are already fulfilled!” I affirm that all of my deepest desires are already in fruition. I know this because I could not have the desire without its inherent fulfillment. I could not desire something so deeply and passionately without a way to fulfill. It is the way of Life to allow me to experience the desire I have arrived on the planet to have. It is already done and I’m so grateful.

On this morning, I give thanks for this beautiful life and my beautiful part in it. I am grateful for the opportunity to love and live more deeply. I am so happy that I can surrender my ego and make way for a larger experience. I am grateful for fulfillment, serenity, and love. It’s the way of life and I am happy.

I release my word knowing this prayer is done. And so it is. Amen.