Spirit is All There Is

Spirit is All There Is
by Teresa Greco, RScP

Teresa Greco, RScP
Teresa Greco, RScP

Spirit is all there is. It is in everyone and everything at every moment. It knows my true self as beauty, light and health. This Intelligence bestows upon me freedom from anxiety and fear.

I have the capacity to remain calm and at peace with all that appears unwell. I am one with Spirit who loves and cherishes me and keeps me safe in body, mind and spirit.
I know that all is as it needs to be and that I am guided by Spirit to recognize that place of peace and calm within me.   

I am inspired by Spirit knowing that all
is well and this too will pass. I am grounded in trust and peace and am grateful for the tranquility I feel within.

I release my word knowing that there is a manifestation of this prayer.


It is heard and it is done.

And, so it is.