Spirit is this Life

Spirit is this Life
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“This earth is my gift to you. Its million beauties are to be a solace to you. Consider the glory of the setting sun. Enjoy the moonrise. Daily I bring the breeze to freshen your spirit. I bring birdsong and the scent of flowers. In all these things, in all these ways, I comfort you. I have made you a sensitive creature. Your moods are like weather. When they trouble you, come to me. Allow me to be your weather. Enjoy the sunshine of my companionship. Bask in the gentle breeze of my understanding.”
— Julia Cameron, Prayers to the Great Creator: Prayers and Declarations for a Meaningful Life

Spirit is this Life. It is in the Beauty of earth, in the setting sun, the rising moon. Its breath is the breeze the cools; Its heart, the pulse of nature. Walking amid bounty, I connect with that Presence. It washes over me as Peace. It nourishes me with Love. I feel my connection to It and in the awareness I know we are on
For this plenitude is my reminder that God gives generously. I am supported always. The day brings a myriad of gifts, there to offer me sweetness in the animals and the plants. The air is filled with chirping and the grass is soft beneath my feet. In this abundance of life energy, I find my solace. Here, I know that I am part of the heartbeat of life. I am a divine expression, precious and treasured by the Great Creator. You too are a divine expression and God cherishes you dearly. We are loved beyond measure, the dearly adored. No feeling is insignificant, for every moment is dear to the Spirit, the Great Comforter, the Giver of Life.

And so recognizing how completely each of us is loved, I affirm that all is Good. In every moment, I know God is there, blessing the outcome yet never interfering with our choices. But thankfully, there is never a moment when I am abandoned, God is forever there, rigging the game. In all sorrows, joy is there. In all despair, hope rides shotgun. No matter what the appearance, God’s hand is there steering love into the equation. It is God’s good pleasure to give us everything. We are that loved. We are that loved.

And I am grateful to know that, grateful to recognize how blessed I am in each and every moment. I know that God is always there to lead me, and I give thanks for that. I give thanks for the opulence that surrounds me, for each day as it unfolds. I give thanks for the awareness that I need only call God’s name and the answers come to greet me. I give thanks that this is true for you, too. I give thanks that we all are that loved and that blessed.

Then I let go. I release any idea that I need meddle in anything. I give all my decisions to God. I release all my worries and strive. God leads me and I rest in that comfort. It is done, and it is good, and so it is, and so am I. Amen.