Spirit’s Abundant Life

Spirit’s Abundant Life
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Looking outside of my window I take in the evidence of Spirit’s abundant life; the bounty of vegetables growing in my garden, the overflowing desert grasses flowing in the breeze, the fluffy white clouds overhead.  I marvel that all of this was created from nothing. If Love/Life/God created all of this, I trust that I was created for an abundant purpose as well.

I am evidence of Spirit in me, as me, and working through me as a vessel of love and absolute brilliance. I know that I am blessed with Spirit’s wisdom.  I have clear direction in my life.  I know and claim that I am blessed with creativity, ability, abundance, and courage, and I have the self-control and discipline to achieve anything. My success is guaranteed.

I am surrounded and protected by the higher vibrating energy of white light protecting me from any illness, despair, or brokenness. All fear or worry dissipates as I realize that every problem, situation, and circumstance is not in my control.  I am guided and protected by a source that knows only love, good health, success, and prosperity. I embody this perfection and leave all the details up to Spirit.

I am filled with gratitude for the abundance, prosperity, perfect health, success and joy of my family and friends.   I know that neither my happiness or success depends on any person, place, or thing. I claim that I am blessed and everything I do prospers and is filled with unimaginable success.

As I know this for myself, I know this for everyone I encounter. I declare perfect wholeness for myself, my family, my government and for my leaders.   Thank you, sweet Spirit, for this day, for my life and for another opportunity to life my life with happiness and gratitude. 

I release my word to the action of Love and Law, knowing that as I have spoken this, it is done.

And so it is!