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In Science of Mind we find the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Anything in our outer lives is an effect of our thinking. It all starts with thinking. The phrase ‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life’ is a true statement. Everything we think about is out-pictured  in our life. So it is to our advantage to think only those thoughts that we want to show up in our daily life.

So, have fun with this excerpt from Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.  This post is created for you by the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A recognition of the Power, and the thought and purpose back of mind healing.

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The possibility of spiritual mind healing, changing environment, controlling conditions, etc., through the power of right thinking, rests entirely upon the theory that we are surrounded by a Universal Mind, which reacts to our thought—and always according to Law.

Spiritual Man is Perfect, but his individual use of Life and Law enables him to cover a perfect idea with an apparently imperfect cloak.

Sickness is not a spiritual Reality; it is an experience—an effect and not a cause. The body, devoid of mentality, could neither know nor experience sensation—it is entirely an effect. The body of man is made from the same undifferentiated Spiritual Substance from which all Creation is formed.

Man comes into objectivity with the tendency of the race already subjectified within him, through race-suggestion. The race experiences sickness and limitation, and this suggestion is more or less operative through all people. It works through the subjective race thought and operates through the individual.

Man need not consciously think negation in order to produce physical disturbance, but the physical correspondent is a logical outcome of what he thinks. Thus we see not only how important it is to entertain right thoughts, but also the necessity for having a constructive basis for our thinking.

We find that prayer is essential to happiness, for righteous prayer sets the law of the Spirit of life in motion for our good. Prayer is essential to the conscious well-being of the soul. Prayer has stimulated countless millions to higher thoughts and better lives. Prayer is its own answer. Before our prayer is framed in words the possibility of its answer already exists.

Holmes, Ernest; Jean Houston (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (pp. 177-178). Tarcher. Kindle Edition.

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