Spiritual Warriors of the Truth

Spiritual Warriors of the Truth
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

“When there is nothing left to defend, truth is all there is.” Don Miguel Ruiz

I pause.  I breathe in the great I AM.  This simple action connects me to the very core of my being, where I know, feel, and accept my connection to my Source. 

I pause again.  I accept that the very energy of Life is love itself — pure, unconditional and filled with grace.

In this place that I find myself, I am able to look around and see the essence, the very truth of all beings.  I relinquish my need to be right, and I set aside my petty judgments, and simply and fully accept all others, as well as myself, as humans who are doing the best that we can.  Everything else, I surrender.  Free from all of those distractions, I am able to look about and see all of the beauty and wonder that is present.

With my defenses melted away, I am truly free to be my authentic self.  I stand strongly and securely in that truth. 

And that truth is Love.

And so it is.