Is there Heaven in a Wildflower?

Is there Heaven in a Wildflower?
Julia Washington, RScP

Heaven in a wildflower with its amazing soft blue color

The color of the clear sky in daylight

That plays hide and seek with the sunshine, blue sky, and big fluffy clouds.

Bends with the rain that gives it deeper roots in mother earth, to nurture seeds of joy, peace and harmony.

The wildflower dances in the mist that surrounds it in the early morning hours waiting for the unfolding of what lays ahead.

People stop to admire and find unconditional love, beauty and pleasure in its being.

The expression of God’s abundance, power and prosperity.

Children in their oneness with God and knowing they will not be judged, stop to talk to this beautiful wildflower and they tell it their secrets and dreams as it stands in all its glory, this unique creation is a gift from a loving God.

Yes, there is heaven in a wildflower.