Stepping into Divine Flow

Stepping into Divine Flow
by Rev. Kamatara Johnson, Director of Collaborative Ministries

  • I no longer buy into society’s narrative that I must struggle to justify the good things in my life.  
  • I no longer buy into today’s culture that says I have to be busy or I’m lazy.  
  • I no longer buy into the thought that what I do is more important than who I am.

I know that God is all there is, expressing in and as everything, everyone, every place, and every time. There are no exceptions. So I know that I am the expression of the Divine. And I know that the Divine does not struggle.  The Divine flows.  I know the Divine is never busy.  It just IS.  I know the Divine needs no justification. It is honored for the bountiful good that it is, for its sacred nature. 

That story about the Divine is my story because I am divine. My life is easy and effortless, in the flow.  I enjoy the goodness and bounty of my life fully. I have a beautiful balance of productivity and downtime. I know who and what I am and I feel good about myself and my life because it is and I am…good! I own my Divine narrative and recognize the wholeness of me, like the moon that is always full, just waiting to be seen. The Divine is already there.  I already have all I need.  

So I give thanks for this shift in perspective, to consciously let go mindsets that do not serve my best and highest good.  I appreciate being able to choose and to surrender the conflict, tension, and struggle that I have been causing.  I let it all go and step into the flow. And with that, I release this all knowing it is already done.  I am at peace and in joy.  And so it is.