Support by a Power Greater than Myself

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

Support by a Power Greater than Myself
by Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP
Outreach Practitioner, San Antonio, TX

“It is his unity with the Whole, or God, on the conscious side of life, and is an absolute guarantee that he is a center of God- consciousness in this vast Whole.” – Ernest Holmes

As I walk and step soundly on the foundation of support that is rooted in the One creative soil, I know that I am supported by a Power Greater than myself. My unique expression is one of the One. I am United in and a part of the Cosmic Consciousness, as I know this for myself I know it for all of mankind. For I know that all the Goodness is Godness realizing the multiplicity of Itself as the One. I see a thread of Unity that is immeasurable for I am in Eternity right now experiencing the Vastness of Love embraced by this Cosmic Essences that is Presence. The peace I am experiencing is beyond my human understanding. All my needs are met right now. I know this Now!  Love, Health, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity are my natural way of being. I stay in alignment as I express my uniqueness elegantly for my integrity is my self-respect. I know that every breath I take is a testament of my faith. I relax in knowing that as I breathe I am practicing the Presence of God. My Peace is extended to all I encounter. I know what to say and what to do for I am lead and guided by the Divine Creative Medium. All my encounters are Holy encounters. I listen and share the Light I am. It is all good and it is all God. I am happy and I am complete for I am Loved by my Creator, my Father/Mother/God. I am grateful and I release these words that are Life and Love in its perfection.

And so it is.