Surprised, Impressed, Uplifted

Surprised, Impressed, Uplifted
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

For today’s treatment, I am going to draw heavily on the beautiful words of one of our board members, Tamara Williams.  RGCSL has been engaged in the process of preparing to find their new minister and they just recently completed a co-creation process.  Here are Tamara’s words about that process:
 Surprised, impressed, uplifted

Those were some of my feelings after attending the Community Co-Creation Process led by Dr. Kathy Hearn and Rev. Christine Green on Zoom last Friday, July 9. All congregation members were welcome and encouraged to participate, and 25 of us did so.

What I found surprising was the number of spiritual practices we learned and how effective they are. We practiced several of them – some to “shine the light of wisdom into our souls,” some to heal the emotions underlying our beliefs, and some to reveal the “newness of Spirit.”  

I was impressed by the power of the Fear to Faith exercise, where we assessed our current situation, our hopes, our fears, and who we must forgive. We looked at how we react to and resist change, whether it’s anger, withdrawing, depression, confusion, appeasing, rebelling, confronting, etc. And we examined our false beliefs, which could be conflict, ignorance, rejection, chaos, debt, or limitation. We learned the power of the releasing prayer and the 7×70 forgiveness prayer.

And I was uplifted when our group developed a list of the values we’d like to see in our new minister, when we each described how we transform our fears into faith, and when we started to experience group healing. I believe we all gained wisdom, understanding, greater freedom, and expanded consciousness.

The next step in the process is when the Minister Selection Committee meets on July 16 and 17 to create The Sacred Covenant, and the entire congregation will learn about that on Sunday, July 18 during Service. Then I bet you’ll be surprised, impressed, and uplifted, too!”

And so today I sink into recognition of that One thing, that Stuff that Is, that Universal Force.  Knowing that this God, by whatever name I call it, is everywhere present, including and especially in me.  It is moving in me, working as me, and speaking through me.

And so I speak my words now for beautiful, pleasant and serene surprise in life!  I am as a child, in awe of life itself, surprised by all my discoveries, moved by the presence of Spirit in me and everywhere else.  I am impressed by the power of spiritual practices, so much so that I joyfully and willingly set aside time each day to do these practices so that I can fully access the power of them.  And I am uplifted by these practices as well.  I feel the joy of living running through every part of me now!  This joy of living is now manifested within me as positivity, as peace and as a feeling of complete conviction that all is well.  Good and very good.  And I know this to be true for me as well as for the community of Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living and for anyone reading this treatment.

With great gratitude I release my words into that law that is saying a vigorous and enthusiastic YES!

And I anchor:  AND SO IT IS!