Surrendering to a Truth that Transforms

Surrendering to a Truth that Transforms
by Jenn Fay, RScP
Celebration CSL
Falls Church, VA   

Greetings, Beloved Beams of Light,   In case you have watched too much news & share my feelings of tiredness, worry, fear, or being stuck in the uncertainty of the present moment, this prayer is for us…

The Eternal Life Essence is Alive and Well, for Spirit simply IS as It moves through what is with Compassion, Love, Grace, & Peace. As Spirit in form we have Amazing Creative Power to see & transform what is & embrace an Eternal Truth about what is beneath the surface of appearances.     

As I surrender what is beyond my human control about wildfires & floods, heatwaves & devastation,  I affirm & celebrate the Truth of the Natural Laws of Life & trust that our Wise Mother Earth is already responding with Greater Balance & a Grand Capacity to renew herself in Splendor. And, I affirm that we are listening to her message that is loud & clear that inspires change.   

As I surrender my human fears about the level of greed, injustice, violence, & discrimination, I embody the Truth of an Incredible Loving Flow where Divine Life Creates Support, Sustains Strength, Uplifts Hearts, Inserts Peace, and Reveals a Sacred Impulse that guides us to Inspired Brilliant Bold Action. Renewed communities of Brothers & Sisters align to bring Safety through Love as Gracious Generosity for those in need. I affirm that we are listening to each other.   

As I feel discouraged by those who disregard the most vulnerable & deny human rights, I surrender to a Truth of Connection that is more Powerful than any falsehood of “other,” for this Truth of Oneness cannot be silenced but instead Stands Strongly & Speaks Clearly with Sacred Precision. As we embody this Truth we are ALL SET FREE from our past. Human Life is refreshed as we allow ourselves to see ourselves in each other! I affirm we are listening to the Truth of Oneness.    

I am grateful to have a knowingness to lean heavily into. A Mystical Truth Shines through my Being & all human Beings NOW, evaporating the mist of confusion, chaos, & fear to reveal a Certitude, a Revelation & Celebration for each Life form!     

Releasing these words & ideas into the Universal Law of Life & Love, I embrace the Power of “I AM!” Knowing my Truth, I am set Free to hum along with the Wondrous Melody & feel the Uplifting Frequencies of Light, Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, & Wholeness beneath appearances. I am grateful!

And so it is!

Jenn Faye is a Practitioner at Celebration CSL in Falls Church, VA. Reprinted with permission. Jenn can be reached at Her website is