Sweet Peace and Faith

Sweet Peace and Faith
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I rest in the remembrance and knowingness and sweet peace and faith that recognition of Spirit provides in me. I know that this Divine Energy is everywhere present. I know that It surrounds me, is within me, works as me. Just as I know that I am here to be the physical expression of that Divine Energy.

And so I speak my word: I speak my word for smooth flow, for everything working properly, as it should. For things to fall into place easily and naturally. For all tasks to be done effortlessly, in perfect right order. For life to express itself in me as glorious fullness, rich with activity but not too busy. I know that things get done in perfect right timing, with perfect ease and grace. One step at a time, one thing at a time, I joyfully accomplish all that needs to be accomplished, all that wants to be accomplished, with energy to spare.

I now release my word, knowing it is done, that the Law has taken it and made it so.

With gratitude, I affirm: and so it is!