Accepting Loss

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Accepting Loss by Marylyn Kirk, RScP What I know is that there is only one eternal loving presence. It fills the universe, and it is everywhere present, now and always. Spirit is everywhere, in the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown. This presence is the power of God/Love/Life, expressing in, through and as form. I recognize Spirit as limitless, that is everywhere present and available 24/7. I know that I am a … Read More

Accept Yourself

Russell Tobey Pope

Accept Yourself by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP Practitioner Emeritus You are a child of universal Love which is all there is. As I am writing this daily affirmation I am remembering this song we sung doing an inner-child workshop which I was on staff in Denver. It was very powerful as people realized who they were and stopped judging. Song title “How Could Anyone” by Libby Roderick How could anyone ever tell you You were … Read More

Letting Go of the Faulty Life Raft of Expectation

Letting Go of the Faulty Life Raft of Expectationby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister “This is what life does. It lets you walk up to the store to buy breakfast and the paper, on a stiff knee. It lets you choose the way you have your eggs, your coffee. Then it sits a fisherman down beside you at the counter who say, Last night, the channel was full of starfish. And you wonder, is this … Read More

Accepting the “What Is”

Liza Kerr, RScP

Accepting the “What Is”by Liza Kerr, RScP Today I am contemplating the immortal journey and the slipping out of one life/existence into another.  Never ending, throughout time.  Where do we go, what do we bring with us?  How do we know when someone is an old soul?  How can one soul be older than another if we have always existed and always will?  Do we re-entangle with the souls we have touched on our current journey?  Is that why some people … Read More

How Important We Are

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

How Important We Areby Kamatara Johnson, RScP “If we could only sense how important we are to the lives of those we meet… There is something of ourselves we leave at every meeting with another person.”   Fred Rogers  (Mr. Rogers) In the One Loving Source, we are all connected to each other.  Heart to heart; mind to mind; soul to soul.  We impact each other. So, I choose in this moment to have an impact of love … Read More