Find the Beauty

Tilia Giron, RScP

Find the Beauty by Tilia Giron, RScP Through the grace of That Divine Incredible Immense and Boundless Spirit of Love, I have come to learn that I am so much more than the stories and filters I encountered and manufactured in my youth and earlier days. My question is: How do I now experience life through the true being that I am? The answer given – by looking for The Beauty. Find The Beauty in … Read More

My Life is Love, Beauty and in Divine Order

Tammi Lambert, RScP

My Life is Love, Beauty and in Divine Order by Tammi Lambert, RScP Every day, the Creator is a magnificent sunrise, a warm sunset, watermelon-colored mountains and sparkling rivers. The colors rippling through the air, the universe of stars in the heavens, the birds in the sky, every creature on the land, and the life in the seas, all are created in the Mind of God. The entire Universe, from the orbit of the atoms … Read More

Prayer for Marilyn

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Marilyn by Sue Hoadley, RScP As I breathe in, I bring my awareness to the Source of my breath. My conscious mind knows that Source is the One supply of health, beauty, inspiration, creativity, prosperity and all good. Knowing this through my mind which is filled with the One Mind, I know I am never alone, never separated from the love of God, never separated from all those in the Spirit world who … Read More

Divine Creative Source

Kerry Blecha, RScP

Divine Creative Source by Kerry Blecha, RScP God, the Divine Creative Source, is revealed in creation. Beauty is a reflection of that Universal Wholeness, which finds harmony in the perfect adjustment of Itself to all of Its parts. Beauty, like greatness, is a thing of the soul, a Spiritual quality, outlined in form, objectified in space. Thus all beings are creative instruments of God. The urge to create is Spirit passing through me and manifesting … Read More

There is Beauty

Teresa Greco, RScP

There is Beauty by Teresa Greco, RScP I honor the Divine in everyone and everything. I know the Goodness of this Power because I witness It in all that my eyes see and my heart feels. There is a Beauty in It that surpasses any negativity or lack of belief in the Truth of the One, True Spirit. The love and joy that is Spirit is a balm that is available to all. And because … Read More