Divine Creative Source

Kerry Blecha, RScP

Divine Creative Source by Kerry Blecha, RScP God, the Divine Creative Source, is revealed in creation. Beauty is a reflection of that Universal Wholeness, which finds harmony in the perfect adjustment of Itself to all of Its parts. Beauty, like greatness, is a thing of the soul, a Spiritual quality, outlined in form, objectified in space. Thus all beings are creative instruments of God. The urge to create is Spirit passing through me and manifesting … Read More


Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

Beauty by Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP Outreach Practitioner, San Antonio, TX “The Universe is for me not against me. As I Trust the Goodness of my Being my Becoming is the Revelation that I am”. I know that Beauty and Goodness is the Expression of God. Spirit and its Sacredness is the movement and Action of The Hand of Divine Providence. I know that this Action is Grace and the Eternal Love of the Eternal Giver. … Read More

For Readers Everywhere

For Readers Everywhereby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister On this day, this day only, I am alive. It’s a beautiful day, a day filled with wonder and awe and love and God. It’s a beautiful day. There’s no other day. Today is all I get. It’s the only day anyone gets. Let’s make it a great day! This is the prayer. There is One Life, Infinite, Timeless, Wonder-filled. This One Life, the one I call … Read More

All Is All

Teresa Greco, RScP

All Is All by Teresa Greco, RScP There is a Power and Presence I call God. This Presence is the manifestation of all Good. It is Love and Abundance. It is the Pattern of Perfection in all and everything. This Power knows All and is All. It is the Wisdom and Perfection in the Universe that nurtures all of life. As I know this Perfection to be within me, I know this Presence is my … Read More

I Recognize

Chris Duvall, RScP

I Recognizeby Chris Duvall, RScP I recognize Divine Source – Ground – First Cause.  I recognize Miracle Working Power, Presence, Intelligence. I recognize Free Essence, Unlimited, Unobstructed. This is the Divine Triune, One Whole Harmony of Being. I recognize Its Beauty & Order in myself and all others, and I surrender into It as fully as I can. I humble myself before this Truth in myself and others, for therein is secure peace.  As I … Read More