I Am Truly Blessed

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I Am Truly Blessed by Kamatara Johnson, RScP I recognize the presence of the One Loving Source, the All-That-Is, expressing in this life as we know it. This Divine Vibration is God, and God is all love, creativity, order, and harmony. God is the abundance in the unlimited potential of the universe. And I am one with God. I am aligned with the Divine that is the presence and power within me, that expresses as … Read More

Feeling Blessed

Teresa Greco, RScP

Feeling Blessed by Teresa Greco, RScP I acknowledge Spirit in all Its glory and goodness, knowing that this glory and goodness is also mine. I dwell in the sunlight of this Power of Love and accept the abundance that is mine. I feel the Presence of Spirit in all my words, thoughts and actions, feeling inspired by the knowledge that this indwelling Spirit guides me always. It keeps me on the path of joy and … Read More


Julia Washington, RScP

Knowing by Julia Washington, RScP You and I know it works!! Just do it! Honor the God within. Go to the Light and know we are all Blessed. Accept the gifts as they are give with a “Thank you, God!” And so it is!    

I Am

I Am by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP At this time of year, I need to focus inward. This is not easy because I am busy with all of the preparations for Christmas. What helps is to remember that Spirit is in me, guiding me in everything I do. This eternal power easily arranges my affairs, brings me peace, and answers all prayers. I remember who I am, a unique expression of Spirit. These affirmations help me, … Read More

Hope in the Face of Hopelessness

Alicia K Hanlen, RScP

Hope in the Face of Hopelessness by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group In this moment, I open my heart center to the energy of Love – that place of the Absolute that knows all, gives all, and supports us, regardless of outer circumstances.  I accept and know that this pure Spirit of Love is grounded in light and goodness.  I allow this light energy to permeate my very essence right now, as … Read More