The Indwelling Christ

Nancy Bowers, RScP

The Indwelling Christby Nancy Bowers, RScP “Every brother you meet becomes a witness for Christ or for the ego, depending on what you perceive in him. ²Everyone convinces you of what you want to perceive, and of the reality of the kingdom you have chosen for your vigilance. ³Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought system you want to be true. ⁴Every brother has the power to release you, if you choose to … Read More

Easter: The Triumph Of Spirit

Easter: The Triumph Of Spirit by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Focus. Transcendence. Love. Easter is the Christ Risen. Spirit Triumphant. Love known again and again. Today I call the Christ. I call It so powerfully and sentiently that It cannot be denied. I invoke Christ Consciousness and my life bears witness to the triumph of Spirit over flesh. I call Victory and I call Happiness. Today I live the Christ, the Holy Spirit that … Read More

The Gift of The Christ

Lovater Jones, RScP

The Gift of The Christby Lovater Harris Jones, RScP “Metaphysically, Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents the soul that magnifies the Lord “daily in the temple” and through its devotion prepares itself for the higher life. She signifies the Divine Motherhood of love. She can also be said to be intuition. Jesus, the perfect-man manifestation, is conceived in the intuitive or soul nature (Mary) and is molded in its substance. The coming of the Christ … Read More

Prayer for the Christ Within

Nancy Bowers RScP

Prayer for the Christ Within by Nancy Bowers, RScP “Within everyone is the intense desire to go home, to go back into the Oneness of God.” –Master La Valley, “How to Become a Christ” Within each of us is the Christ-Self – that divine essence that knows God as its heart and soul; that goodness which shines with love and compassion.  This is a prayer for recognizing that Christ within. In this moment, I pause … Read More

Surrendering to a Greater sense of Love

Surrendering to a Greater sense of Love. 12/19/15 John 15:17 “These things I command you, that you Love one another.” “Christ, the – The word of God manifest in and through man.  Christ is Universal Idea, and each one “puts on the Christ” to the degree that he surrenders a limited sense of life to the Divine Realization of wholeness and unity with Good, Spirit, God.”   pg 579 SOM text In this moment is … Read More