I am in Perfect Health

I am in Perfect Health by Tammi Lambert, RScP God is the God of Good, of perfection, divine order, health, life, vitality and clarity. God is Omnipotent. There is no task or idea too great or too small for God. Inside the mind of God, there is only wholeness. All life that exists comes from God, and it is all blessed, it is all good, it is all joy. All is complete, and all is … Read More

God is All There Is

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

God is All There Is by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP God is Power in all forms, energy, motivation, purpose, talent, vigor,  impulse.  God is the power that fuels the planets, the energy that moves the world, the motivation in each person, the purpose that makes me live, the talent that I think of as God-given, the vigor that allows me to continue, and the impulse that moves me. I am one with this Divine Power. It … Read More

Releasing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; Claiming Courage, Confidence and Belief

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Releasing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; Claiming Courage, Confidence and Beliefby Marylyn Kirk, RScP God is the heart of all that is, always present and peaceful. God is the embodiment of love, harmony and grace.  I too am the embodiment of this love, harmony and grace, the Universal Peace of God. What is true of Spirit is true of me and is true of everyone. We are one and the same. What I know to be … Read More

Good ‘n Plenty

Yvette Trujillo, RScP

Good ‘n Plenty by Yvette Trujillo, RScP I’ve often had the experience of being completely overwhelmed (like now, for example!). This can happen if I’ve got two things on my ‘to-do’ list or twenty! I’ve found that the number of things to do is actually irrelevant. The experience seems to be more about how I’m feeling than the actual number of boxes I need to check off or the particular difficulty of any given task. … Read More

When I Doubt Myself

When I Doubt Myselfby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Like most of us, the world is constantly whispering in my ear about all the things I coulda, shoulda, woulda done if I were them. Sometimes world whispers good advice from love and, other times, it whispers manipulative advice from fear. The art to knowing which is which comes from discernment and discernment arrives when I am most connected to the self and my own intuitive … Read More