A Treatment for Trust

A Treatment for Trust by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner EmeritusTaos Study Group I know that there is one Presence, one immutable Source, which flows throughout me at every moment, and is always accessible when I turn within. So, in this here and now moment, I do just that – I turn within as I recognize this power and presence in my life, operating as my life. And so I accept and know that this Source … Read More

Treatment for Divine Guidance

Treatment for Divine Guidance by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP God is the Great I Am, the Creator of All Things, with no beginning and no end. God is Love, Power, Joy, Health, Balance, Intelligence. God is Divine Guidance, that still small voice inside that guides me to my greatest good. I am one with God. God is in me, acts as me, expresses and creates through me. Whenever I am unsure of what action to take, … Read More

God is the Divine Vibration of All Things

  God is the Divine Vibration of All ThingsKamatara Johnson, RScP I recognize the One Loving Source, the All-That-Is, expressing Itself in all variations and possibilities. The diversity in nature and in people speaks to the infinite expressions of the Divine. And God is the Divine Vibration of all things, of all beings, of all places, of all times. God is creative and powerful, manifesting infinitely. And I am an expression of the Divine. My … Read More

Let Divine Wisdom Guide You

Let Divine Wisdom Guide Youby Alicia K. HanlenPractitioner EmeritusTaos Center for Spiritual Know the Universe holds nothing against us; know that we belong to the Universe and we are safe and happy in it; know that we have a sense of security and peace within ourselves.     Dr. Ernest Holmes Dear Sweet Spirit, breathing in, I anchor to the Divine Presence that I know resides within and without and all around me.  As my awareness of … Read More

Treatment for Unity

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

Treatment for Unityby Marilyn O’Leary, RScP Today I focus on unity. Divine Spirit is One. I am one with It. Through It, we are all connected as one. I recognize the divinity in me as Power, Joy, Abundance, Love, Justice, Equality, Oneness. It is in everyone. Those who recognize it can use it intentionally, powerfully. I affirm that I keep in my heart today the recognition of my oneness with Spirit. It is in me, … Read More