I am Willing

Chris Duvall, RScP

I am Willingby Chris Duvall, RScP I recognize the Divine One as perfect in Ability and Willingness to respond to my call with Its absolute Understanding, Power and Presence.  It works first through my willingness to address undesired appearances and to engage in new experiences for myself, and then through my engaged heart that wills release and experiences of new freedom and joy for others. Recently, I was called to an involvement but I had … Read More

The Remembrance of Love

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

The Remembrance of Love by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group Let us join with our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, and declare: As our thoughts go back to that Divine man who came to show us the way, the truth, and the life, let us light a candle in memory of him and pray that our light also shall shine, casting a beam of good cheer across the pathway of everyone we meet.  … Read More

Only ONE!

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Only ONE! Marylyn Kirk, RScP There is only ONE! There is one ultimate conscious intelligence that exists in the Universe that has brought everything into existence. All form, all energy, all that has ever been and all that will ever be exists in the mind of God. I am a manifestation of this divine consciousness as spirit, mind, and body. The relationship that I have with Spirit is one of Divine Love. From Spirit’s Love … Read More

God is Divine Love

Tammi Lambert, RScP

God is Divine Love by Tammi Lambert, RScP The Supreme God is Divine Love, the energy and living force behind all that exists, and this Love manifests as Compassion, Oneness, Peace, Joy and Generosity. There is no other truth other than the power of Divine Love, which is the Cause behind all that is. I am created in the image of the Creator, and as a child of the Divine, I create with that Divine … Read More

God is Divine Love

Tammi Lambert, RScP

Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, March 29th, 2015 9 AM and 11 AM “Stop Waiting for Immortality!”  Here’s the truth – No one has to die to become immortal.  We’re there right now and, if we truly know this, what does it do for us?  How can our present experience be improved simply by knowing we can’t make a mistake and we can’t die spiritually?  It’s … Read More