Gentle Mindfulness

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Gentle Mindfulnessby Kamatara Johnson, RScP I take this moment, in the stillness of the morning, and breathe deeply, feeling the life of me right here and now.  I am centered in the One Loving Source, rooted in the Divine, filled with the Spirit even as I breathe in and out.  I am in alignment with the I AM.  There is no separation.  In this space, I affirm for myself a continued knowing throughout the day, … Read More

Love is My Song

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

Love is My Song by Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP Outreach Practitioner San Antonio, Texas I am surrounded by, immersed in the pulsation of Love. For I know there is only God and that Love is the Unifying power of all Life and living. I see and experience this beauty as it Animates around me glorifying the activation of all Good that is only Love. I am united in it in this moment right now. And I speak … Read More

In the Flow of Grace

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

In the Flow of Grace by Kamatara Johnson, RScP I raise my awareness and know completely that God is all there is. God is the grace and flow of each day, the Divine Essence that animates each day, and the Infinite that expresses and expands all the time.  God is the Divine Potential in all, unfolding in unprecedented ways every day. And so I recognize my own divine essence, expressing the One Loving Source as me. … Read More

Life is birthing Itself as Unlimited expression

Louie Martinez, RScP

Life is birthing Itself as Unlimited expression Louie Martinez, RScP This is a special month for me as it marks the birth of my son Adam Martinez who is celebrating his 21st birthday. I am also reminded of the special feeling that there is something that is wanting to express Itself and I see much evidence of it as I walk out across my front yard and see all the fresh weeds that need my … Read More

Flow, Flow, Flow: Let It Go

Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is Flow. The Changeless is unaffected by trials and tribulations of the world. Though there are things that upset us, God has confidence in the Peace of His Kingdom. When Love encounters fear, It is not disturbed. It rushes in, surrounding the frightened, soothing the worried. God flows in, through and around it all. It Comforts and Aligns. It clings to nothing. It Knows that Reality is as He dictates: a Love-fest for all … Read More