We Prescribe a Friend

Rev. Dr. Alice Bandy

We Prescribe a Friendby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Dedicated to Rev. Dr. Alice Bandy “We are wisdom and healing, roastedmeat and the star Canopus.  We’re ground and spilled wine soakingin. When illness comes, we cure it.  For sadness, we prescribe a friend.  For death, a friend.  Run to meet us on the road.  We staymodest, and we bless. We look like this, but this is a tree, and we are morning wind in the … Read More

RGCSL Daily Insights – I Give To Everyone Kindness and Unselfish Service…

RGCSL Daily Insights Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM Around the year with Ernest Holmes Compiled by Serving New Thought We give thanks to the Divine Journal for their work in providing this. Return each day to RGCSL Daily Insights You will find a new and wonderful insight! The insight for today:  “We maintain if you are intelligent enough to recognize the absence of friends, you are intelligent enough to perceive the qualities which enter into friendship: loyalty, … Read More