God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness

Nancy Bowers RScP

God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness Nancy Bowers, RScP “God, being Love, is also happiness.” Lesson 103, A Course in Miracles. God is Love. Unlimited. Unfettered. Unconditional Love. It is Generous and Kind. Joyous and Peaceful. It is everywhere. It is always available, for Spirit is ubiquitous, inseparable; It is the Truth of what this world is made of. It is the truth of us. And I am one with that Truth, for I cannot … Read More


Yes by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP I go inside to a deep place of Yes and find God. God is the ALL. With no beginning and no end. It is the life force in the Universe, and the life force within me. As I sit, close my eyes, and breathe in, I fall into the all-encompassing arms of God, the life force in me that says yes to my life and yes to all that I … Read More

The Presence of God is Everywhere

Kerry Blecha, RScP

The Presence of God is Everywhere by Kerry Blecha, RScP There is One Supreme Power in the Universe.  I choose to call this Power, God.  God is the Loving and Caring Source of everyone and everything there is.  From the earliest time humankind has recognized this Power.  It has been called Yahweh, Father, The Great Spirit, Christ, Krishna, Allah and Buddha.  As such God has provided comfort, love and strength to humanity throughout the ages. … Read More

God Is Love

Kerry Blecha, RScP

God Is Love by Kerry Blecha, RScP I believe God and Love are synonymous terms for the Power that connects Spiritual and physical reality. All Life, Health, Abundance, Peace, and Joy flow from this Divine Power. The Ethos of all things is God, is Love. Everything and Every being is a creation of Love. Divine Love is the Power that unites all creation. I know that All is One. I cannot be separated from the … Read More

God is Love

Liza Kerr, RScP

God is Love by Liza Kerr, RScP God Is. I am. You Are. Each of us as an individualized personification of God as the one source has the power to put forth our WORD and to manifest into reality everything we need for this journey called life. I speak my word for each of you to allow you to become aware of this power that is God that is flowing through you, filling you, emanating … Read More