God, The Highest Wisdom of All Life

Lovater Jones, RScP

God, The Highest Wisdom of All Life by Lovater H. Jones, RScP “God is the highest wisdom that belongs to man [sic]; and just as man knows himself, he knows God; and man knows no God except that Wisdom that governs and directs his acts. We have been taught to believe that God is a being independent of man……” ~The Complete Collected Works Dr.Phineas P. Quimby, “Fragments,” 1864 “There is such thing as your mind, … Read More

The Creative Medium of Spirit

Lovater Jones, RScP

The Creative Medium of Spiritby Lovater Jones, RScP From the Science of Mind we are reminded “never look at that which you do not wish to experience.  No matter what the false condition may be, it must be refuted.”  “It is the consciousness back of the word that forms the word.  Consciousness means the inner embodiment of an idea through the recognition of Truth and a direct relationship to the Divine.” With this in mind, … Read More

Love is the Central Flame of the Universe

Julia Washington, RScP

Love is the Central Flame of the Universe by Julia Washington, RScP Love is the central flame of the universe, nay, the very fire itself. I is written that God is Love, and that we are His expressed likeness, the image of the Eternal Being. Love is self=givingness through creation, the impartation of the Divine through the human. Love is an essence, an atmosphere, which defies analysis, as does Life Itself. It is that which … Read More

God as the Source

Liza Kerr, RScP

God as the Source by Liza Kerr, RScP God is everywhere and is all things.  God is Omniscient, and Omnipresent.  God is Truth, Understanding, Cooperation, Beauty, Divine Wisdom and Divine Right Guidance.  God is the source of all Love.  God is Pure Love. Perfect God, perfect being, perfect man; each of us is this individualized personification of God.  There is nothing is us that is not also in God, there is nothing in God that … Read More

My Path is Illuminated by Love, Peace and Joy

My Path is Illuminated by Love, Peace and Joy by Chea Guilmette, RScP There is one Power, one Presence, one Divine Intelligence in the Universe, and I call that Presence God. God is everywhere, all at once. There is nowhere that God is not. God fills every space, every molecule, every atom, every thing. God is all there is. God is the early morning sunrise and the dark starry night. God is Love, Peace, Joy … Read More