I am so Grateful

Greg Gardner, RScP

I am so Gratefulby Greg Gardner, RScP In these precious moments as I watch the sun slip slowly down toward the horizon and dusk begins to silence the furor of the day, I slow my mind.  I still myself.  I think. Ah how sweet this day is.  The song of the birds outside the window as my consciousness returned this morning The crunch of breakfast toast between my teeth The comfortable purr of my car … Read More

I am Grateful for the Life-Giving Spirit

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

I am Grateful for the Life-Giving Spiritby Marilyn O’Leary, RScP As I breathe in, I know that life-giving, love-giving spirit is the moving force behind everything seen and unseen in the universe. Spirit/Source is Love, Warmth, Comfort, Health and Well-Being. I am able to look past appearances and know that in the depths of this cold winter, I am filled with God. That means I am filled with warmth, radiant health and well-being, and love. … Read More

I am Safe

Russell Tobey Pope

I am Safeby Russell Tobey Pope, RScPPractitioner Emeritus The everlasting essence of all is God.  This God is perfection in all around all and through all.  This is a force for good.  There is no split, no separation; only this One power for Good. I realize we are one with God as God expresses through us, as us, for every atom, cell and fiber of our being is God.  God is perfection so it goes … Read More

Being Set Free

Being Set Freeby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister When I was a little girl, my mother wouldn’t wear red. She looked beautiful in that color, but she wouldn’t wear it. For most of my life she wouldn’t tell me why.  Then about a couple of years before she passed, she told me she wouldn’t wear red because she was too dark-complected. I was startled by this and asked her who’d told her that. She said … Read More

Grateful for This Day

Greg Gardner, RScP

Grateful for This Day by Greg Gardner, RScP I am so grateful for this day. As it unfolds I am eager to see what it brings. Heat? Cold? Wind? Calm? Sunny. Cloudy? Joy? Sorrow? Ah, so many possibilities! What I know is that it is a wonderful day with so many surprises. Surprises that may bring laughter. Surprises that may bring tears. What I know is that this day is a blessing and I promise … Read More