God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness

Nancy Bowers RScP

God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness Nancy Bowers, RScP “God, being Love, is also happiness.” Lesson 103, A Course in Miracles. God is Love. Unlimited. Unfettered. Unconditional Love. It is Generous and Kind. Joyous and Peaceful. It is everywhere. It is always available, for Spirit is ubiquitous, inseparable; It is the Truth of what this world is made of. It is the truth of us. And I am one with that Truth, for I cannot … Read More


Liza Kerr, RScP

Happiness‎Liza Kerr, RScP The pursuit of happiness shall be the topic of today’s prayer. It seems that most people are looking for the way to be happy, and given the choice would choose to be happy.  WAIT A SECOND.  We can just choose to be happy!   Me, I am happy 90% of the time – truly happy.  So for every day I have 72 minutes which may not be happy minutes.  If you are not … Read More

I asked Spirit what needed to be said. It answered, “Please pass on your happiness.”

Kerry Blecha, RScP

I asked Spirit what needed to be said.  It answered, “Please pass on your happiness.” by Kerry Blecha, Practitioner, RScP ​Happy, happy, happy, every aspect of God is Happy.  God is Happy.  God is Love and that is Happy.  God is Prosperity, Abundance, Peace, Beauty, and Nature. God is Freedom, Family, and Friends.  God is the Source of All.  God is First Cause and Last Cause.  God is the Source, the only Source. Just as this is true … Read More

God is In and Through All that We Think and Do

Julia Washington, RScP

God is In and Through All that We Think and Do by Julia Washington, RScP Knowing God is in and through all that we think and do. That God is peace, wholeness wealth, Joy, happiness. Now. As Divine presence moves through our life, we let go of all that no longer works for us and brings understanding, love, light, let that light overcome the darkness. That we only manifest that which we want and need is in our life … Read More

Choose Happiness

Julia Washington, RScP

Choose Happinessby Julia Washington, RScP What is happiness? A state of well-being and contentment. Pleasurable satisfaction. In this state is a space for God to be. A place of letting go of hurt, non-forgiveness, how we feel the world does not work for us. Where prayers and gratitude are welcome, where we can express creativity, where we can glow and grow. There is no need to have push or pull moments. There is only inspiration … Read More