Rejoice in the New Year

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

Rejoice in the New Year by Tilia Giron, RScP This is the time to Rejoice. Rejoice for God is. God is in me and in you and in every living thing. And at this time of the year, especially as the old departs and the new is about to enter, we are given beautiful tools of Spirit to help guide us alone the way and enlighten our path. Rejoice. For with the winter solstice, the … Read More

My Source and My Supply is Spirit

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

My Source and My Supply is Spirit by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group As I look out onto the world in which I inhabit, I am continually in awe of the abundance that surrounds me. The sky, the earth, the clouds, the plant life and animal species that abound – the list is indeed endless! And I know and acknowledge that I am one with all of this, for I declare in … Read More

Happy, Happy, Happy

Kerry Blecha, RScP

Happy, Happy, Happy by Kerry Blecha, RScP Happy, happy, happy, every aspect of God is Happy.  God is Happy.  God is Love and that is Happy.  God is Prosperity, Abundance, Peace, Beauty, and Nature.  God is Freedom, Family, and Friends.  God is the Source of All.  God is First Cause and Last Cause.  God is the Source, the only Source. Just as this is true for me, I know it is true for everyone, everywhere and all the time.  Everyone shares in the happiness … Read More

Treatment for Happiness

Michelle Scholer, RScP

Treatment for Happiness by Michelle Scholer, RScP Beloved Creatures NM Pet Celebrant Happiness (Excerpt Paraphrased from Plug Into Your Hardwired Happiness, And TED Talk by Professor Shrikumar Rao) “There is nothing that you have to get, do or be in order to be happy.  Happiness is your innate nature and is hardwired into you. You have spent your entire life learning to be unhappy by buying into one particular mental model ( a notion we … Read More

A Prayer to Claim Happiness

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

A Prayer to Claim Happiness by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister There is One Happiness. It lives in everyone and everything. This Happiness is also known as Love, Peace, Goodness, Abundance, Hope, Beauty, and Truth. This Happiness is All There Is and I claim it. I call it Good and I call it God. God is Happiness and all that comes with it. I am born of the One Happiness. God had a thought and … Read More