All is Good

Laura Snapp, RScP

All is Goodby Laura Snapp, RScP As I breathe in this moment, I know that all is Good. I relax into this knowing, recognizing that God is back, in, and through all that exists, for everything is of God, made in Its image and likeness, never separate, always a part of the whole, an aspect of the Divine, manifesting in infinite complexity. And I know this Essence, this Divine Beingness that pervades everything and everyone … Read More

Love, Peace, and Harmony

Laura Snapp, RScP

Love, Peace, and Harmonyby Laura Snapp, RScP In this moment, I know there is only God, that one Indwelling Presence that animates all life, that binds all things and all people in Oneness. It is the underlying thread that unifies all life, yet creates infinite patterns that are expressed through each of us, as us. And I know that Oneness, that Presence is Love, is Peace, is Harmony, expressing perfectly in all Life’s myriad forms.  … Read More

A Cleansing Breath

Carmella Herrera, RScP

A Cleansing Breath by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP As I take in a cleansing breath, I breathe in much Peace of Mind, allowing Peace in my Heart, and Calmness to my Being. ~Carmella Herrera, RScP God is Goodness. God is Love and Harmony. I can embrace and hold on to this knowing as I lay in complete Harmony with life and nature, in however it shows up for me today. In this moment, I honor … Read More

Peace is the Harmonizing Agent of Life

Peace is the Harmonizing Agent of Lifeby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister From the One Light there comes Life and from Life there is Creativity. This Light is Pure Potential and It lets Itself be known through all of Its creations. Life is the animating force of the Universe and known by so many names – God, Goddess, Creator, Mohammed, Peace, Joy, and Happiness. Life is woven from the very fabric of its own goodness … Read More

Look to the Future

Look to the Futureby Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP EmeritusTaos Study Group ”All we are saying — is give peace a chance.”—  John Lennon Infinite Divine Life, this day I come to you with my arms, my heart, and my mind opened wide to the endless possibilities that life presents.  My arms are open wide to hold my fellow citizens of the world in peace and harmony.  My heart is filled with compassion for all those … Read More