Sue Hoadley, RScP

Harmony by Sue Hoadley, RScP There is only one Power and that Power is Infinite Love, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Creator. Being the Ultimate Source of all being, there cannot be any other power that opposes the One, for It fills all time and space. The One Creator shows forth its nature in all life, all of the universe, all creation. This nature, observable and provable, is that all things work together in perfect order, perfect … Read More

A Cleansing Breath

Carmella Herrera, RScP

A Cleansing Breath by Carmella Herrera, RScP As I take in a cleansing breath, I breathe in much Peace of Mind, allowing Peace in my Heart, and Calmness to my Being. ~Carmella Herrera, RScP God is Goodness. God is Love and Harmony. I can embrace and hold on to this knowing as I lay in complete Harmony with life and nature, in however it shows up for me today. In this moment, I honor my … Read More

Rejoice in the New Year

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

Rejoice in the New Year by Tilia Giron, RScP This is the time to Rejoice. Rejoice for God is. God is in me and in you and in every living thing. And at this time of the year, especially as the old departs and the new is about to enter, we are given beautiful tools of Spirit to help guide us alone the way and enlighten our path. Rejoice. For with the winter solstice, the … Read More

Let’s Just Get Along

Let’s Just Get Along Julia Washington, RScP Put our differences aside, care more, let hope drive you, me and each other to the World of God in each of us. Knowing we are shining bright stars. It is the time to go deeper in our passion of Wholeness, Oneness, love of life in all forms, shapes, size, colors, who we love, who we marry and the God of our choice. Have a celebration, improving the … Read More

There is Only One

Dianne Martin, RScP

There is Only One by Dianne Martin, RScP There is only One; One Mind, One Power and I call it God. I nurture myself in the Truth that I am an individualization of God and all that It is, I AM. I am one with all the power, wisdom, creativity, harmony and beauty of the Universe. As I know this is true for me, I know it is true for each person reading this prayer. … Read More