Embracing Humanity

Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual

Embracing Humanityby Alicia K. HanlenPractitioner EmeritusTaos Study Group “The cure for our human nature is to embrace our shared humanity, by honoring the similarities of our human-ness, and to quit fighting over our perceived differences.” Richard Hanlen What does it really mean to claim we are all one?  Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes stated it this way: “God in me is unified with God in all.  This One is now drawing into my life all love … Read More

All Is All

Teresa Greco, RScP

All Is All by Teresa Greco, RScP There is a Power and Presence I call God. This Presence is the manifestation of all Good. It is Love and Abundance. It is the Pattern of Perfection in all and everything. This Power knows All and is All. It is the Wisdom and Perfection in the Universe that nurtures all of life. As I know this Perfection to be within me, I know this Presence is my … Read More

Connecting in our Humanity

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

Connecting in Our Humanity by Alicia Kay Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group I take this precious now moment, breathing in the peace and the presence of Spirit, and allow myself to connect to the center of my being – that place where I sense and know that my God-self resides. I allow myself to be fully present and let go of any feeling of discontent, disillusionment or discord that may be lingering in the … Read More

Anger Cannot Stand in Love’s Shadow

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Anger Cannot Stand in Love’s Shadow by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister This week I have been in prayer over the events in Charlottesville and Barcelona. I have been in prayer over the reaction of the President, the reaction of the people to the President’s comments, and our reactions to each other. It is human to have anger. Anger is the way we know that a boundary has been violated.  However, anger is information and … Read More

A Prayer for Humanity

Alicia K Hanlen, RScP

A Prayer for Humanity by Alicia Kay Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual Living There is one Life, that Life is God’s life, and my life, and your life – right now.  And contained within that One Life is all of the original energy to facilitate the creation of perfect life conditions.  The experience and outpicturing of abundance, prosperity, wisdom, intelligent action is ever-available to each and every person on this planet.  For what … Read More