I Am Enough

Yvette Trujillo, RScP

I  Am Enoughby Yvette Trujillo, RScP Today, sufficiency is my natural state. I know that I am guided by the Light within me. Today, I surrender my voice to Spirit. Everything I say is divinely inspired. Today, I listen with the ears of God. I understand with perfect clarity. Today, I am the hands of the Universe. All that I do is God’s work. Today, I am the feet of God. Everywhere I go is … Read More

Good ‘n Plenty

Yvette Trujillo, RScP

Good ‘n Plenty by Yvette Trujillo, RScP I’ve often had the experience of being completely overwhelmed (like now, for example!). This can happen if I’ve got two things on my ‘to-do’ list or twenty! I’ve found that the number of things to do is actually irrelevant. The experience seems to be more about how I’m feeling than the actual number of boxes I need to check off or the particular difficulty of any given task. … Read More

Prayer for Remembering We are Beloved

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Remembering We are Beloved by Sue Hoadley, RScP Beautiful Loving Source, Creator of all that is, Breath that breathes me, Divine Intelligence, Perfect Planner, that which is order, pattern, nature, earth, sun, moon, stars and all that is! When I am stuck in my story, seeing the future with gloom, fearing the worst scenario, feeling there is not enough, feeling above all that I am not enough…not smart enough, pretty enough, patient enough…I … Read More

Here’s What I Know

Tilia Giron, RScP

Here’s What I Know Tilia Giron, RScP So, here’s what I know. I know that Spirit lives with me, and not only with me, but within me. And sometimes I forget. Sometimes I actually fall into the disbelief of thinking that my worth lies in others’ appreciation or non-appreciation of me. But that is wholly false. All I need to do is remember and claim that remembering for myself. For within me, and within you, … Read More