Julia Washington, RScP

Intuition by Julia Washington, RScP Intuition: “The ability to know without any process of reasoning.” This knowingness is the presence of God within each of us. As I/you set our Intentions every day for Peace, Joy, Health, Harmony, Healing and whatever else is needed, knowing it will show up in form. We go forth each day with our Truth, Wisdom and Inner Light for the Highest and Best for Self and the World. And So … Read More

Valuing Intuition

Lovater Jones, RScP

Valuing Intuition by Lovater Jones, RScP “Intuition is God in man [sic], revealing to him the Realities of Being.”  – Ernest S. Holmes God’s way of speaking to us and guiding us is done through us.  The Science of Mind Text says that Spirit cannot work for us in any other way, except through us!  However, It does so ONLY when we recognize It for who and what it is, the VOICE OF GOD!  We must … Read More

God’s Whispers are the Source of My Intuition

Eva-Gate', RScP

God’s Whispers are the Source of My Intuition Eva Gate’, RScP There is only One God, the One that creates All that is.  The Universe is Its physical Being.  It is in all things known and unknown.  Love, Harmony, Mystery, Peace are the glue of the Universe.  These qualities of The One exist within all sentient beings as they are God’s Creation, endowed with the unlimited qualities and possibilities that exist in Divine Mind and … Read More