Soul Awakening Prayer

Chris Duvall, RScP

Soul Awakening Prayerby Chris Duvall, RScP James O’Dea has written a beautiful book entitled, Soul Awakening Practice.  It supports us in such a time as this.  Today is July 4, Independence Day, a day to remember that freedom on both personal and collective levels should not be taken for granted.  The experience of freedom is an active daily process that requires clearing obstructions to the clean pure flow of Truth in a context of right … Read More

I Have Confidence In YOU

Chris Duvall, RScP

A Sharing from Chris Duvall, RScP: I Have Confidence In YOU by James O’Dea (First printed: The Excellence Reporter) You contain within you a very great story: the meaning of life is for you to remember that story; to remember that you are a powerful expression of Creation’s limitless and dazzlingly creative narrative. To be you is phenomenal and rest assured Life made no mistake when it invited you to the dance of incarnation. You … Read More

Prayer for the Soul of America

Prayer for the Soul of America by James O’Dea, Conscious Activist Reprinted with permission Let Light prevail in America — the kind of light in which we see our oneness. Let Harmony prevail in America — the kind of harmony in which we celebrate our great diversity. Let the Way of Nature prevail in America — the kind of Way of Nature that restores the health of air, oceans, and forests. Let Peace prevail in … Read More