Turning Away from Conditions

Nancy Bowers RScP

Turning Away from Conditions by Nancy Bowers, RScP The Truth is often spoken of in our philosophy, but what exactly does that mean?  It refers to the immutable – the changelessness that is God.  How sweet the contemplation of it!  How soothing is this eternity! There is but One Life, that is Omnipotent, Irrefutable – this Power I call God.  It is the Oneness – the Truth behind the appearances of duality.  Beyond the world … Read More

Leap into Joy

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Leap into Joy by Nancy Bowers, RScP Leap into Joy Where God awaits with open arms to sweep away the worries birthed from fear of what could happen Trust fall into His arms Allow Him to soothe you There is only NOW and in this moment, all that separates you from Bliss is a false thought of imagined heartache So leap Joy awaits you This is what you were meant for Joy is your birthright … Read More

Inner Peace

Julia Washington, RScP

Inner Peace Julia Washington, RScP I experience absolute peace. I move forward with confidence. God’s peace flows throughout my body. In this state of peace and calmness we are free from disturbing thoughts and emotions. God’s inner Peace guides us all to our Good. We claim health and well being and live a prosperous life. We celebrate this inner peace with joy, wholeness, wisdom, and understanding. We trust God in all ways, receptive and open … Read More

Your Life

Julia Washington, RScP

“Your Life” ‎ by Julia Washington, RScP Your Life is easier than you think. Dream bigger, reach higher. God is in and all through it all. Letting go of what no longer works, knowing with all my heart, that there is a beautiful future. See the love and light through God’s eyes as wholeness, peace, abundance and wisdom. Reach for the Stars and the Moon. I release these words, knowing they cannot come back to … Read More

In the Sacred Chamber

Nancy Bowers RScP

In the Sacred Chamber by Nancy Bowers, RScP It’s always there, in the quiet, in the stillness of no thought, Love lives. It surrounds me. It supports me. In that stillness, where my preferences fall away and there is but acceptance of what is right here with me in this moment, I open my heart. Goodness enters. Light surrounds me. God comes to sit with me in sacred silence. No longer is there struggle. No … Read More