In the Sacred Chamber

Nancy Bowers RScP

In the Sacred Chamber by Nancy Bowers, RScP It’s always there, in the quiet, in the stillness of no thought, Love lives. It surrounds me. It supports me. In that stillness, where my preferences fall away and there is but acceptance of what is right here with me in this moment, I open my heart. Goodness enters. Light surrounds me. God comes to sit with me in sacred silence. No longer is there struggle. No … Read More

There is Beauty

Teresa Greco, RScP

There is Beauty by Teresa Greco, RScP I honor the Divine in everyone and everything. I know the Goodness of this Power because I witness It in all that my eyes see and my heart feels. There is a Beauty in It that surpasses any negativity or lack of belief in the Truth of the One, True Spirit. The love and joy that is Spirit is a balm that is available to all. And because … Read More


Tilia Giron, RScP

Joy By Tilia Giron, RScP I am here to declare for Joy. To claim it as my good, as yours, and as ours. To know it as I am coming to know myself, to immerse myself in its unveiling as a good so good and so vast that it may take lifetimes and eons to begin to know. I call upon Joy, the Spirit of Joy, to show up. Show up here, now, tomorrow, whenever, … Read More

God Is All There Is!

Nancy Bowers RScP

God Is All There Is! by Nancy Bowers, RScP God is Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, and All Good Things. God is all there is. God is easy. God is always successful in all endeavors. God is always complete in everything It does. It is Success, is Perfection, is only Goodness and Joy, knowing nothing of the illusion of failure. For God, failure is never an option, for It cannot fail. God is Bliss and Joy, … Read More

The Joy of Prayer

Alicia K Hanlen, RScP

The Joy of Prayer by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual Living I take this moment and recognize the sweet presence of God in my life.  The terms can be interchangeable – God, Spirit, Source, or so many more – but the meaning and the substance remain the same.  For what I call God is that pure essence of energy and Divine Life, that Life which resides at the center and the circumference … Read More