This Thing

This Thingby Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister There is a Thing, a Force, a Spirit, a God. This Thing is everywhere present. Nowhere where It is not. Absolutely all. Just all. This Thing lives in me. It works in me, It IS me! God and I, we are One, and together we speak our word. And the word we speak today is this: any inner limitations which are keeping me from my greatest good … Read More

Work is Love Made Visible The Only Thing that Limits Us, is Us

Carmella Herrera, RScP

Work is Love Made VisibleThe Only Thing that Limits Us, is Usby Carmella Herrera, RScP Is there any doubt that one can change the world? Clear your mind of all fear and doubt, and turn, in faith, to the Great Giver of Life. God, the Creator, is Infinite love, all caring and all giving. As I sit in this awareness, what I know is that God’s desires for me are the same as my desires. … Read More

All Limitation Melts Away into the Nothingness in Which It Came From

Ardy Reed, RScP

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, June 21st, 2015 9 AM and 11 AM “What My Father Said:  Achieving a Personal Best” Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Dads want the best for us and give us the best advice they have to offer.  All around us Dads are giving great counsel and, in context of being Happier than God, what does it all mean?  Join Rev. Martha as we celebrate the Dads in our congregation … Read More