Protecting the Sacred

Protecting the Sacredby Marylyn Kirk, RScP I recognize that there is only One Power and Source in the Universe, that One Presence that I call Spirit and some call God, or Allah or Love.  I know that this powerful presence is in, through and as me as it is with everyone. The wisdom of Spirit is in me and is always available for me use. I know in every aspect of my life Spiritual Wisdom … Read More


Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

AfloatBy Tilia Giron, RScP and Chaplain A Vibration of Love entersFills and expandsWhileAbsconding withAll and any sense of self. Afloat in a Sea of Absolute Awareness and OnenessJammed to overflowing thatTitillates with itsDynamicEffervescentAnimated Energy andLight that keeps right onExpandingVibratingGenerating even moreWonder with Delight. A second-by-secondHappening experiencePresent momentExpansionDivine Intimacy and Ever-increasing AmplificationAll Simultaneously…

I Live in Perfect Love

Kathy Mathiason, RScP

I Live in Perfect Love by Kathy Mathiason, RScP There is One Life, Perfect Love, One Energy, One Ultimate Power in the Universe. This Divine Essence is in through, around and enlivens all Life. And as I know this for everything I see, everything I touch, everything I taste I know this for myself. I am created in Its image and likeness. For I know this Essence, which I call God, has generously gifted me … Read More

A Prayer for The Grieving Heart

A Prayer for The Grieving Heartby Rev Martha Quintana, Former Senior Minister I miss my grandmother, Magdalena, even now.  When I was growing up, she was my favorite person because I knew she loved me. I didn’t have to be special or do anything special, she just loved me.  When she passed away in 1993, the world seemed darker and not the same anymore. I missed her, her wisdom and her humor.  Over time, grief … Read More

All is Good

Laura Snapp, RScP

All is Goodby Laura Snapp, RScP As I breathe in this moment, I know that all is Good. I relax into this knowing, recognizing that God is back, in, and through all that exists, for everything is of God, made in Its image and likeness, never separate, always a part of the whole, an aspect of the Divine, manifesting in infinite complexity. And I know this Essence, this Divine Beingness that pervades everything and everyone … Read More