All is Good

Laura Snapp, RScP

All is Goodby Laura Snapp, RScP As I breathe in this moment, I know that all is Good. I relax into this knowing, recognizing that God is back, in, and through all that exists, for everything is of God, made in Its image and likeness, never separate, always a part of the whole, an aspect of the Divine, manifesting in infinite complexity. And I know this Essence, this Divine Beingness that pervades everything and everyone … Read More

The Cause of Unity

The Cause of Unityby Christine Duvall, RScP Love is the cause of unity in all things.  AristotleSin is unskillful living. Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn via Rev. Kamatara JohnsonIt is time for us to take responsibility for our emotions. Dali Lama I center myself in Love, the Cause of Unity. Unity is the flow of the Creator, the Created and Aliveness. Within that Seamless Self, there is no fight. There is only the Inner Ease of … Read More

The Beauty Within

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

The Beauty Withinby Tilia Giron, RScP and Chaplain Yes. Let me awaken to the Beauty of the Power and the Magnificence within me. Indeed, Let me awaken to who I am. Who I am is one made like the Divine Creator/Creatress. I am made in Her essence, she is the Divine Mother, she is Divine Nature. She is That Which/Who creates all that we are. And She does so out of love. Love is the … Read More

Love: The Ultimate Agenda

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Love: The Ultimate Agendaby Nancy Bowers, RScP “It is necessary for the teacher of God to realize, not that he should not judge, but that he cannot. In giving up judgment, he is merely giving up what he did not have. He gives up an illusion; or better, he has an illusion of giving up. He has actually merely become more honest. Recognizing that judgment was always impossible for him, he no longer attempts it.” … Read More

The Treasure Within

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

The Treasure Withinby Tilia Giron, Chaplain and RScP There is a treasure within usThat awaits usWith anticipation and the delight of being discovered, uncovered, realized and grasped.It is the gemstone of wisdom and love lying at the center of our core. Each day, a new, or additional delicious morsel(s) of love and wisdom, insight and recognition of the God Presence within us awaits our attention eagerlyOffering an abundance of ideas, thoughts and suggestionsAlong with beauty, … Read More