A Healing Visualization

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

A Healing Visualization by Alicia Kay Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group This visualization was inspired by my husband, partner, and fellow Religious Scientist, Richard Hanlen.  Sit comfortably, and allow yourself to be fully present to this moment.  Open to that all-pervasive Presence of the One Life, permeating your being above, below, within, and without.  Take a deep cleansing breath, and simply feel your body, right where you sit. Now, concentrate on your heartbeat.  Allow … Read More

Thoughts and Meditation

Russell Tobey Pope

Thoughts and Meditation by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP Practitioner Emeritus During my meditation practice of becoming still and open to Divine inspiration, thoughts often interrupt the stillness I’m trying to create. When this happens I acknowledge them but don’t dwell on them. I let each thought go like a cloud passing by then disappearing into the horizon. Don’t get frustrated as many thoughts pass by but let each one go. As this happens my mind … Read More


Russell Tobey Pope

SIMPLY BE by Tobey Pope, RScP Practitioner Emeritus I have problems stopping my many thoughts during my morning meditation and affirmations. This, for me, is a problem not easily solved. Finally, I stumbled on a technique that is helping me quiet my “monkey brain.”  Very simply it’s letting yourself simple be. Find a quiet place, relax and quiet your mind as much as possible. There is no format or rules in this meditation just love … Read More


Russell Tobey Pope, RScP

TAKE FIVE by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP Practitioner Emeritus In 1959 the Dave Brubeck Quartet recorded “Take Five” which is a jazz classic Later the lyrics were added   They loosely started with this: Take a little time out Just take five Stop your busy day And take the time out to just be alive This inspired me to write the following meditation.  So for today’s prayer/meditation please do the following Love yourself just the way you are and just … Read More