There is one Life, One Universal Source of Love…

The Daily Meditation 09.25.2012 By Ardy Reed, RScP There is one Life, One Universal Source of Love, One unified presence that illuminates everyone, everything, and every moment! It is Powerful, Ominscient, All Knowing, Light, Goodness, Perfection, and Abundance. I too am a part of this presence. This presence and One Life is in the center of my being and exudes it’s beingness within every cell of my body, every thought in my mind, and every … Read More

I recognize there is One Life, One Source, One Power of all that is.

What is Affirmative Prayer Or Treatment? Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living This Sunday,  September 16th,  2012 Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister “Gratitude and Spiritual Growth” Our Higher Self is constantly calling us, pushing us forward. Inertia may delay us but this internal impulse is always there. It’s what keeps us evolving sometimes in spite of ourselves. Join us on Sunday when we celebrate World Gratitude Day … Read More