Taking a Stand

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Taking a Standby Marylyn Kirk, RScP There is one Power, Presence, and one loving Spirit. The Divine Mind is the healing presence that restores wholeness to each person, to our country and our planet. This one source of life is generous, giving itself fully to all its creation. It is alive and active in every circumstance and situation and in all beings everywhere. I am an expression of this powerful loving presence. Its healing power … Read More

Source is with Me

Teresa Greco, RScP

Source is with Meby Teresa Greco, RScP I trust the Source within. It guides me, nourishes me and loves me exactly as I am. I take comfort in the knowledge that this Source is with me at all times. I know that I am part of the whole and that whatever I need comes to me effortlessly.   When I awake in the middle of the night I feel compelled to pray.  Sometimes the words of … Read More

Taming My Fears: The Decision for God

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Taming My Fears: The Decision for Godby Nancy Bowers, RScP God is Good. In this moment, I recognize the power in the presence of God. I remember that Goodness.  I remember that God is all there is and the rest of what I think I see, I made up.  Those perceptions were birthed from fear.  They have no true reality beyond what I have given them. My fears are NOT the truth; they are but … Read More

Choose Again: Return to Peace

Nancy Bowers RScP

Choose Again: Return to Peace by Nancy Bowers, RScP Here within this duality we call life there is choice: up, down, slow, fast, loose, tight – a world of seeming opposites.  Yet, at the heart of it is Oneness.  The rest is just interpretation of experience. I call that Oneness God.  It is Light and Love and Purity.  It is Absolute and being so, forever creates a positive from a seeming negative, for God is … Read More

Prayer of Peace

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Prayer of Peaceby Marylyn Kirk, RScP Right in this moment I know that all of life is one.  Life in all its forms expresses as perfect peace and harmony.  This one life is a source of infinite good.  The source of all expresses as enduring calmness and stillness at the center of everything. I am one with Spirit. I am a part of Spirit and always connected with Infinite love and peace.  I am conscious … Read More