Divine Peace Now

Kathleen Miathiason, RScP

Divine Peace Now by Kathy Mathiason, RScP “There is no uncertainty about my future and no fear as a result of my past.” ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind In this sacred space at this sacred time, I know Divine Wisdom and Intelligence is moving through and working in my life and my experiences. Divine Intelligence is the Source of all my Good. Divine Wisdom is the Life Force at the center of my being. … Read More


Tilia Giron, RScP

Peaceby Tilia Giron, RScP I call in peace for myself and all my brothers and sistersThose present and living during this time of unrest across the planet And those who’ve recently passed who carried much light that shone the way.Sadness and grief mine can still carry peaceDenying it certainly doesn’t. Acceptance does. It is in the turbulence the dearest gifts may be found. Unexpected and such a blessing.For the Presence of God is everywhere.Everything is … Read More

Affirming Joy and Peace

Affirming Joy and Peace by Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Life is forever, and ever expanding.  Its evolution is founded in Love, Truth, Happiness, Joy, and Beauty. Life’s Essence is founded in Principle and this Principle is the essence and goodness of all life. It is the essence of my life.  My life is forever, and ever expanding.  My evolution is founded in love, truth, happiness, joy and beauty.  My life is founded in the essence … Read More

The Source of All is the One Mind, God

Michelle Scholer, RScP

The Source of All in the One Mind, Godby Michelle Scholer, RScP; in memoriam There is one Creative Source which is Perfect Flow, Safety and Clarity. It expresses and lives through every form of life and activity that exists. There is an abiding calm, clarity, an unchangeable equilibrium and a safe place at the center of everything. The Source of all is the One Mind, God. I am one with God. I am a part … Read More

I Choose Peace

I Choose Peaceby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”― Hafiz of Shiraz There is One Life, the Life so ancient that It precedes time.  This One Life is so huge that all of the galaxies put together are only a thumbnail and It is brilliant that the brightest star pales in comparison.  Contained in this Life is … Read More