My Life Is Harmonious

My Life Is Harmonious Tammi Lambert, RScP I know that there is one Source of Love, Peace and Harmony. This Infinite Energy of perfect Divine Order, Of Compassionate, Unconditional Love, and Flawless Synchronization is the Source of all that exists, and there is a pattern of Divine Wholeness and Completeness in all that exists. This Infinite Source lives in me, as me. I am expressing that Perfection, Peace and Divine Order right now. I hereby … Read More

In the Midst of Chaos, I Find Peace – It is My Choice

Lovater Jones, RScP

In the Midst of Chaos, I Find Peace – It is My Choice by Lovater Harris Jones, RScP On a daily basis, it seems, war, terror unkindness is breaking out somewhere on the Planet.  Confusion and fear seems to be rampant.  Despite what appears to be taking place, it is my choice on how I react to it.  Once I have taken all of the steps necessary to protect myself and my family; have been … Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Julia Washington, RScP

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Julia Washington, RScP This is the time of year to give of one’s self. Letting go of all the old hurts and fears. Embracing the rebirth go to the Christ within, Love, Joy, Peace Enjoy the New Year, be in good cheer. Knowing God is everywhere Present. We are strong in mind and sprint. Let’s be grateful and count our many blessings We are the essence of Joy!! … Read More

God is Life

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

God is Life by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP God is all there is. God is Life, Spirit, Intelligence, Divine Principle. God expresses as Love, Goodness, Abundance, Peace, Joy, and Health. God is Love, Love the motivating source of the Universe. God is Goodness, right action, Divine Guidance, balance, faith. God is Abundance, abundance greater than all of the stars in all of the universes ever-expanding. God is Peace, the peace that passeth understanding, the peace that … Read More