Gratitude for Abundance

Liza Kerr, RScP

Gratitude for Abundance Liza Kerr, RScP This has been an extraordinary year for snowfall and rain in our desert oasis of New Mexico. Today I give gratitude for the abundance of white purifying snow that is covering the ground glistening in the morning sun. I know that this snow will replenish the water supply when it sinks into the earth and help to sustain the cycle of life. I know that the snow that I … Read More

Rejoice in the New Year

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

Rejoice in the New Year Tilia Giron This is the time to Rejoice. Rejoice for God is. God is in me and in you and in every living thing. And at this time of the year, especially as the old departs and the new is about to enter, we are given beautiful tools of Spirit to help guide us alone the way and enlighten our path. Rejoice. For with the winter solstice, the light has … Read More

Peace is the Order of the Day

For Spirit so loved Itself that It created from Itself. In this self-contemplation, It created everything that constitutes Life. From the Energy of Spirit, there came Light and Life and from this, all else was conceived. Inherent in all of Spirit’s Creation is all of It – Life, Love, Happiness, Joy, Creativity, Health, Abundance, Prosperity. There is no aspect that is left out of Spirit’s Self-knowingness. I am born in the image and likeness of … Read More

Mind Creates Prosperity in My Life

Kathy Mathiason, RScP - Presence and Power of the Infinite Mind

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, July 19th, 2015 9 AM and 11 AM “How Riches Come to You” Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister   The Universe desires you to have everything you want to have.  Do you believe this?  If you do believe this, what is standing in the way of your desires?  What else needs to happen in order for you to finally have the life you have always desired?  Join Rev. Martha … Read More

I Release My Word Knowing it is Done

Ardy Skinner, RScP

[videojs class=”aligncenter” width=”640″ height=”400″  mp4=”″] What is Affirmative Prayer Or Treatment? Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, January 26th, 2014 11 AM Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister “The Great Unity” There is a moment each of us experiences where we are suddenly one with everything around us.  It could be a moment when we are all laughing together or when we’re walking in nature and are … Read More