I Value Self

Chris Duvall, RScP

I Value Selfby Chris Duvall, RScP  There is One Life – whole, perfect, and complete.  It is Source, Essence, First Cause.  From this Unlimited Being, all life arises.  In this Great I AM, all lives, moves and has being.  I am of Its Wholeness, Perfection.  I am free and unlimited through Its Presence, Power, and Intelligence.  I recognize the Sacred Essence that I am.  I humble myself before it, surrendering anything in my human condition … Read More

The Ever-Renewing Love of the Ancestors

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

The Ever-Renewing Love of the Ancestors by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister There is One Energy – One Life Force. I call It now so that I become aware of all Life in and around me. It is everywhere equally present. There is no place where this Life is not. It is on the top of the highest mountain and at the lowest point of the deepest ocean. It dwells in all creatures known and … Read More