God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness

Nancy Bowers RScP

God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness Nancy Bowers, RScP “God, being Love, is also happiness.” Lesson 103, A Course in Miracles. God is Love. Unlimited. Unfettered. Unconditional Love. It is Generous and Kind. Joyous and Peaceful. It is everywhere. It is always available, for Spirit is ubiquitous, inseparable; It is the Truth of what this world is made of. It is the truth of us. And I am one with that Truth, for I cannot … Read More

God Has You Covered

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

God Has You CoveredBy Tilia Giron, RCsP and Chaplain So, why worry?If God has you covered, what could there be to worry about?Simply, turn it over to God and be done. Turn it over means, Give it away!Hand it off!andLet go! Yes. Walk away.It’s no longer yours.No need to worry or ponder. It’s already done in the Mind of God.And was … even before you gave it to Spirit.For it is done unto you as … Read More

Forgiveness is the Way to Healing

Forgiveness is the Way to Healingby Alicia K. HanlenPractitioner EmeritusTaos Center for Spiritual Living ”We are to look for God in each other and love this God, forgetting all else.“  — Ernest Holmes, ”The Science of Mind“  Sometimes our hearts get bruised or broken.  Our minds create an endless loop of “what ifs” around the person or the situation.  We take things personally, and cannot see our way clear of the maze of hurt, confusion, … Read More

Beautiful Visions

Chris Duvall, RScP

Beautiful Visions by Chris Duvall, RScP I recognize Causal Energy and Will from the Universal Heart of the Highest Vibration of Love. This is the Inclusive Omni Power, Presence and Intelligence, the Oneness & Wholeness from which All originates. All of Life is of this Great I AM. As we recognize It, surrender into It, and allow It to saturate us with Its Understanding, we arise into Its Well-Being and speak Its Word of Power. … Read More

Only This Moment

Teresa Greco, RScP

Only This Momentby Teresa Greco, RScP There is only this Moment and this Moment is Spirit.  There is Light and this Light is Spirit.  There can be no darkness in this Light, no evil in this Good.  I am in this Moment with Spirit and know only love.  I am in this Light and know only that I am illuminated by this Power of Perfection.  I am connected to each Moment and there is only … Read More