Embracing the Now

Embracing the Now by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister Days are getting away from us aren’t they? I’m thinking about our theme this month of Living Everyday Wonder, and dialing it in a bit to this week’s theme of Embracing the Now. And what I know about embracing the now is that the now is here for us to appreciate and enjoy, no matter what. And so I pray: Knowing that there is a … Read More

An Affirmation of Life

Carol Helms, RScP

An Affirmation of Lifeby Carol S. Helms, RScP I Was Told to Live By some inner mystic Presence,I was told to live and to love, to laugh and to be glad.I was told to be still and know of the One Almighty Power, in and through all.I was told to let that Power work through and in me.I believed that voice and I received my Good. I am healed – The Joy of Life. ~ … Read More

What If?

Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

What If?by Tilia Giron, RScP What if my task and yours is to find the hidden jewel?To know and live the joy in our souls?To do so despite what we call adversity and difficulties? What if it is ours to make good in the world?To be light-filled and love overflowing even when we’ve had hardships and unhappiness? What if it is ours to shine our light bright so brightSo much so that it fills the … Read More

Love and Support

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Love and Supportby Nancy Bowers, RScP God is Everything.  In, through, above, and below: God is in everything.  In this moment of peace, I pause to breathe into my awareness of Spirit, knowing that now, as in every moment, God’s Love and Support are here.  It’s everywhere.  And it’s everything.  When I give up judgment, it is all there is.  I choose this moment, to tune into that Love and Support.  I remember that as … Read More

Wholeness and Health are Mine

Wholeness and Health are Mineby Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner EmeritusTaos Study Group Infinite Divine Life, I know that I am part of the cosmic fiber of the Universe.  I accept and acknowledge in this now moment that I am, as well as anyone else reading or hearing these words, encircled in Love, and I begin immediately to envision my body as whole and healthy, in every way.  I breathe deeply and easily; I rest in … Read More