Prayer for Peace and Harmony

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Peace and Harmony Sue Hoadley, RScP I know there is One Source of all being, One Power, One Principle of Life. There can be no other, no other opposing force, just as there can be no absence of this Loving Source. There is no place, situation, circumstance that can exist without and apart from the original source of All. This Source is Love, Life, Being-ness, Creative Principle, All Intelligence health, and prosperity. Father … Read More

The Divine Mind

Kerry Blecha, RScP

The Divine Mind Kerry Blecha, RScP I believe that there is One ever-present, Divine Mind.  And, that all creation is a reflection of that mind which is Spirit or God.  Divine Qualities of God flows through the Universe as Love.  Thus Life, Peace, Health, Abundance, Joy are ever present, in unlimited quantities, every moment. All things are of The Mind and One with The Mind.  As I believe this Truth I know all thoughts become … Read More

Prayer for Health

Eva-Gate', RScP

Prayer for Health Eva Gate, RScP There is only God, the loving Presence that surrounds all of Creation in the Universe; all that is seen, all that is unseen and in energy and known and unknown.  The Universe is the Body of God in Harmonious Balance and Dynamic.  God only knows Perfection, Wholeness and completeness in Its Creation. I am one with God as a perfect Child of God.  I know for myself there is … Read More

Surrounded by Good and Bathed in Love

Surrounded by Good and Bathed in Love Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Heaven is that state where the Divine and I intersect; where we live together as one. I call on Heaven knowing that It already exists in Me. Heaven is that State of Perfection where nothing is static and everything is possible. It is that Love, Happiness, Peace, Health, and Joy that imbues everyone, everything everywhere. Today I live in Heaven knowing that I … Read More

Bliss is My Birthright

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

Bliss is My Birthright Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP Outreach Practitioner San Antonio, Texas In this moment I open to Grace and I allow the flow of Love to fill my Heart and Energize my Mind Body and Spirit . I know that there is only One God One Presence . The Omniscient Splendor of Grace and its Beauty that radiates its Love in and thru all life and living is the Godliness and Pulsation of the … Read More