Every Person is a Blessing

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Every Person is a Blessing Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister I have been given “the keys to the kingdom” and that means I have a direct line to the Divine.  This means that I pray confidently with the knowledge that I am one with It at the moment I recognize It.   Therefore, There is One Life.  This Life is God’s Life.  This Life is perfect.  This Life is my Life now.  It is the Life … Read More

Rest and Dance

Tilia Giron, RScP

Rest and Dance by Tilia Giron, RScP Let me rest in the arms of The Beloved Let me here find solace. Solace, comfort and healing. Here I find sleep, nourishment and connection to my divinity. Which is God’s. Here I find that sweetness of breath. Here there is harmony and healing. Here there is beauty and delight Delight and joy Here I am comforted and lifted up. Up, yet so completely present and still. So … Read More

YES, God is Awesome and Life is Good

Dianne Martin, RScP

YES, God is Awesome and Life is Good by Dianne Martin, RScP How much life can any man experience?  “As much as he can embody.”  — Ernest Holmes God is life and love; there is nothing else.  And, God is SO awesome.  It gives us everything we ask for; all we have to do is accept it.  In accepting God, we accept life, love and everything related to life and love…joy, harmony, beauty, clarity, kindness and … Read More

Fall Prayer

Liza Kerr, RScP

Fall Prayer by Liza Kerr, RScP Fall is here and the burst of color that defines it is surrounding me. It seems to me that the colors each give off a unique energy. I feel a higher level of energy from the vibrant green than from the yellow, orange, red and brown that are teasing me to come outdoors and breathe in the air. Even the air has a different feel – cooler, and richer. … Read More

Where Does Your Passion Lead You?

Alicia Hanlen, RScP

Where Does Your Passion Lead You? by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual Living I ask you to take a moment, quiet your mind, and if you choose, participate in this introspective meditation. Dear Spirit, the light that shines within, I speak from my heart to your precious essence in this sacred moment. As I go deep within, I pose these life-affirming questions, and listen for your infinite guidance. Wherein does my … Read More