Loving Ourselves

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

Loving Ourselves by Marjorie Larragoite, Practitioner Emeritus Loving ourselves doesn’t mean we love others less.  It means we recognize our own self-worth and have very special relationships with ourselves that honor who we truly are…expressions of the indwelling Spirit. Having self-love and self-esteem are essential in order to have loving relationships with others.  If we don’t honor and respect ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to do so?  This may be our fear, that … Read More

Prayer for Self Acceptance

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Self Acceptance by Sue Hoadley, RScP What do I know about the mystery of life?! I know I see, I hear, I smell, I feel, and just what is being asked and expected of me in this deep experience we call living? I am who I am, and who is that? There is a Power, a Mind, a Creator behind all that is. I feel It in the wind, the sun on my … Read More

Self Acceptance

Rev Ginger Young, Minister

  Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, January 18th, 2015 9 AM and 11 AM “The Heart of Freedom” Ginger Young, RScP The freedom that Martin Luther King Jr. birthed forth in all of us ushered forth a growth in consciousness that continues to this day.    The awakening of freedom is not only our inherent right, but freedom is the very truth of our Being.   … Read More