We Are Who Is God

We Are Who Is God Liza Kerr, RScP The mountains are calling and I must go…John Muir Whenever I venture out into the wilderness and explore, hike, camp, laugh and have fun something extraordinary happens. All of the things I thought I was worried about and stressing over just slip away and suddenly I am living in the moment. Nothing else matters. In no time at all the myriads of things that I had been … Read More

A Charmed Life

Nancy Bowers RScP

A Charmed Life by Nancy Bowers, RScP   The days are glorious – a statement to the generosity of God. I pause and take in the sweetness. I stop and admire God’s handiwork. Then I pray, for it returns my heart to what matters. I pray, affirming truth to bring myself back to the arms of the Divine. There is but One Life, I call this Essence God, the Father. Here in the care of … Read More

No Clinging

Nancy Bowers RScP

No Clinging Nancy Bowers, RScP “Possession is a form of doubt. People cling to what they (think they) have because they doubt they are worthy of it. If they knew their own worth, they’d know there is no need to cling.” – Paul Williams, Das Energi God is Sure. Absolute. Certain of what is; Confident is His Creation; Calm in the Peace within Truth. His Knowing is Unflappable; His Love Rock Solid and Pure. God … Read More

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Sue Hoadley, RScP

A Prayer of Thanksgiving Sue Hoadley, RScP Awareness arises and I am excited about meeting this new, sunshine day! The touch of the sheets on my skin, my breath, relaxed, in and out. What mystery of love is my beings Creator of a world so beautiful, so orderly, so harmonious, so Intelligent. Devine presence, as close to me as my breath. The breath of God breathes me and I bask in the miracle of Life. … Read More

A Treatment for Health

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

A Treatment for Health Marilyn O’Leary, RScP God is all there is. God is Love, Joy, Health, Creativity, Light, Comfort. God is radiant health and well-being. God is the body that works in perfection. I know that is true for me. I know that is true for every person where appearance is to the contrary. Health is here now. When I call upon Spirit, it is here. It is always here for us. Some of … Read More