Fall or Spring?

Tilia Giron, RScP

Fall or Spring?by Tilia Giron, RScP The end of August – typically heralds the beginning of FallAlthough it may feel like Summer still.Yet, it feels like Springtime in my soul. Flowers aboundIn bright cheerful colors Birds TwitterThe Great Sun shines. Here in my heart. Nature sings out various tones of green In various heights, shapes and forms. In delight at the beginning of a new day. New life! A new time. Endowed, showered, embellished with … Read More

Wow!! First Day of Summer!

Julia Washington, RScP

Wow!! First Day of Summer! by Juia Washington, RScP How Blessed we are, God is all the Glory. Time for fun, vacations, getaways, cookouts, laughter, and more sharing. in all of this is the God Energy in each of us. The Plantings of Spring, in the Kingdom of living things, are now in full bloom, pleasing to the eyes and senses. The rivers flow in us, around and through us, we can feel God’s change … Read More

Prayer for the Summer Time

Louie Martinez, RScP

Prayer for the Summer Time Louis Martinez, RScP This is Summer Time,… it is the season of heat, color and the full expression of Life around us.  I know in the center of this heat there is a spark of Life that burns brightly yielding everything around It to Its Presence, Power and Principle.  I know that the Light of Life yields great Clarity as all is seen in this Energy.  I call this Energy:  Love, Power, … Read More