Surrender and Acceptance

Liza Kerr, RScP

Surrender and Acceptanceby Liza Kerr, RScP Recognizing that connection with God when you feel great is sometimes easier than feeling it when you are down, but the moment you decide to open yourself to the connection peace settles over you and through you. It is like flipping on a light switch – the electricity is always there waiting to be used, it’s just a matter of allowing it in. So I would say let the light of God … Read More


Russell Tobey Pope

Surrender by Russell Tobey Pope Practitioner Emeritus Take a few moments today to relax and surrender. Let go of all plans, frustrations, thoughts of what needs to be done today and just BE. Know with me the presents of Spirit all around and through all life and manifesting as you. Please know as I do this precious truth. Now relax for a few moments and bask in this knowledge and warmth of Spirit. Ever part … Read More

Gifts of the Moment

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Gifts of the Momentby Nancy Bowers, RScP “When you finally stop searching for the answers to your problems, you begin to realize that there is no meaning to anything except the meaning you give it.” ~Andreas Moritz, Lifting the Veil of Duality “In the end, your opinions are just vanities with no value to anyone.  They are your perspective, and they are your opinion. (They aren’t any better or worse than anyone else’s opinions.)” ~Matthew … Read More

Surrendering to a Truth that Transforms

Surrendering to a Truth that Transformsby Jenn Fay, RScPCelebration CSLFalls Church, VA    Greetings, Beloved Beams of Light,   In case you have watched too much news & share my feelings of tiredness, worry, fear, or being stuck in the uncertainty of the present moment, this prayer is for us… The Eternal Life Essence is Alive and Well, for Spirit simply IS as It moves through what is with Compassion, Love, Grace, & Peace. As Spirit … Read More

God Has You Covered

Tilia Giron, RScP

God Has You CoveredBy Tilia Giron, RCsP and Chaplain So, why worry?If God has you covered, what could there be to worry about?Simply, turn it over to God and be done. Turn it over means, Give it away!Hand it off!andLet go! Yes. Walk away.It’s no longer yours.No need to worry or ponder. It’s already done in the Mind of God.And was … even before you gave it to Spirit.For it is done unto you as … Read More