The Beauty of this Day

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

The Beauty of this Day by Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner San Antonio, TX I know that the Beauty of this Day is the demonstration of the Love of God. As I wake up to the silence of the Presence that Is God, my excitement anticipates this growing Essence in me that Is the Presence. I speak my word right now and as I see the Splendor and Beauty of this moment. I know that there … Read More

I Am Whole

Lovater Jones, RScP

I Am Whole by Lovater H. Jones, RScP “Body, mind and spirit are not separated, isolated parts of life.  They are a unity.  We merely call different aspects of this unity by different names. Our mind is not separated from our body.  Our body is not separated from that infinite Intelligence which created it, neither is our mind apart from the One Mind or Spirit.” Ernest Holmes, A New Design for Living This quote represents … Read More

Surrendering to a Greater sense of Love

Surrendering to a Greater sense of Love. 12/19/15 John 15:17 “These things I command you, that you Love one another.” “Christ, the – The word of God manifest in and through man.  Christ is Universal Idea, and each one “puts on the Christ” to the degree that he surrenders a limited sense of life to the Divine Realization of wholeness and unity with Good, Spirit, God.”   pg 579 SOM text In this moment is … Read More

Coming into Unity

Maria Dion, RScP - Trusting Wholeness To Express

Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, April 5th, 2015 9 AM and 11 AM “Happier than God!”   Today is the day we are Happier than God and we celebrate Easter. Good timing. Happiness, like Easter, is a resurrection of the spirit. In addition, this week we start reading Neale Donald Walsch’s book, Happier than God, and we jump into joy. How do I become happier than … Read More

Calling Forth the Discovery of Truth

Rev Bonny Allen Rice, Minister - I Am that which You are.

[videojs class=”aligncenter” width=”640″ height=”400″  mp4=”″] What is Affirmative Prayer Or Treatment? Our Global Vision For Centers For Spiritual Living Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 9 AM and 11 AM Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister  Faith in Action We know that faith without works is dead. We know that we must “treat and move our feet.” We know all of this and yet there are those days when faith seems to … Read More