Thank You God for Letting Me Play

Liza Kerr, RScP

Thank You God for Letting Me Play
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Tonight as I was driving home I looked up into the western sky and was blessed by a perfect little sliver of a crescent moon dangling in sky as if by an invisible thread.  The colors surrounding it were so extraordinary – purples, blues, and reds, – all melded together into a timeless masterpiece.  I am so grateful for that beautiful vision, and the lifting of my heart.  In that moment I experienced my heart softening and felt pure happiness, joy, and love and let these feelings just fill and surround me.  Simply knowing that I am a part of this masterpiece is so humbling and extraordinary.  I know that God is Perfection, Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy – God is everywhere and is all things, there is nothing that is not God.  The spiritual being that is Liza, is comprised of these qualities of God, and I am so blessed for having this reminder tonight of my absolute divinity. 

I claim for myself and for each of you the right as a human being having a divine experience to participate in the master piece of life that is exploding in vibrant colors all around you.  Each plant that comes to life this Spring is putting on a magnificent show for you.  I encourage you to participate in this masterpiece by putting on a show of your own.  Radiate vibrant health, love, compassion, tenderness, authenticity, happiness, joy and abundance.  Become that which you seek; experience life as you have never experienced it before.

I am so grateful to be on this journey and to be working on my own great masterpiece.  Thank you God for letting me play, for trusting that every decision I make will make me stronger.  I am grateful for this manifestation knowing that it cannot come back to me void – knowing that it has already occurred.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind, and anchor this prayer into place by saying – AND SO IT IS!